Crown Ridge Pool Update 6-10-2020
Posted on Jun 10th, 2020

Crown Ridge Homeowners:
Below is an update on the Board’s activities related to the pools:
The Board is actively engaged with the pool and associated COVID-19 activities.  Board members have reached out to the Mayor’s office, Parks Department, Chamber of Commerce, Aquatic Center, and pool inspector. 
We continue to assess the conditions and had an additional work session on June 8th.   This session was in response to the Texas Executive Order that was issued on June 3rd and the May 30th City Council.  As discussed during the May Board Meeting, the Board identified potential budget issues related to assessment income and the steps the Board had taken to defer activities to try to avoid being in a deficit condition.  The Board also identified the costs associated with opening the pool(s) and be in compliance with the Governor’s Executive Order.
The Board is moving forward with planning for activities that would need to be performed should conditions change, and the pool(s) be opened; such as obtaining Waiver Forms, getting quotes for monitors, prices for supplies, signage and having the pools inspected.  We are proceeding so should conditions change that we can respond quickly. 
Below is an update on the discussion from the May Board Meeting related to possible opening options should the pool/pools open prior to 100% occupancy:
·         Limited opening of one pool at current 50% occupancy
o   Arctic Pool to be opened 3 days/week
§  8 hours – Friday
§  10 hours – Saturday and Sunday
§  Total 28 hours/wk
o   Only open from July 1 – Labor Day
·         Condition of use:
o   Homeowners must sign and return Waiver Form
o   Homeowners must be current on their HOA account
o   Pool card to be activated upon receipt of signed Waiver
o   Homeowners must reserve pool times, 2 hours per day
§  List all members of the family that will be using the pool
o   If pool is not at occupancy limit during the two hour sign-up period, Green flag will be posted allowing Homeowners to walk in if they have returned the signed Waver form and have activated pool card.
o   Homeowners must continue to comply with current pool usage rules.
The above pool opening is expected to cost the HOA between $10,000 to $15,000 that was not budgeted this year.  The majority of this cost is for the pool monitor.  As mentioned, the Board had previously decided to defer spending on Social Committee activities (such as Kick Off to Summer, Fall Festival, Movies in the Park) and landscape maintenance (fall colors and mulch) as a buffer for the uncertainty around COVID-19 and the potential impact to HOA revenues.  If revenues were not being impacted, these activities would proceed. 
Should the pool be opened there will be no Social Committee activities or landscape maintenance updates this year. 
Crown Ridge HOA Board
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