Crown Ridge Pool Update 6-14-2020
Posted on Jun 14th, 2020

Crown Ridge Homeowners:
Below is an update on the Board’s activities related to the pools:
The Board after review and deliberation of the current COVID-19 situation considering the Texas Executive Order (EO) that was issued on June 3rd, has identified the following approach that we believe will allow Crown Ridge to be in compliance with the EO and open the pools to the residents (target date July 1st).    
·         Condition of use:
o    Homeowners must sign and return COVID-19 Waiver Form and Waiver for Pool Usage Form
o    Homeowners must be current on their HOA account
o    Pool card to be activated upon receipt of signed Waivers
o    Homeowners must reserve pool times, 2 hours per day
§  List all members of the family that will be using the pool
§  Comply with the reservation time and number
o    Pool furniture will be locked and not available for use
o    Cleaning/disinfecting supplies will be provided
o    Homeowners to wipe down high touch point areas after use (handrails, door handles, etc.)
o    Homeowners to comply with social distancing requirements of 6 feet (for those not in their immediate group)
o    Homeowners to wear face coverings when not in the pool
o    Homeowners must continue to comply with all current pool usage rules
o    Normal pool hours at this time
o    Homeowners only, no guests will be allowed at this time
The Board will review the compliance with the above conditions, and if repeated non-conformance is identified, the pools will be closed.
The following items need to be completed in order to ensure the planned July 1st opening:
·         COVID-19 Waiver Forms to be sent out to the homeowners (considering online method)
·         Reservation system to be acquired and rolled out to the homeowners
·         Cleaning/sanitization supplies purchased and staged
·         Pool furniture to be locked up
·         Arrange for increased cleaning frequency of the restrooms
·         Signage for the pools
This represents significant work to get the pools ready and the Board is asking for volunteers to support this activity.  Interested homeowners please contact a Board member.
The primary consideration leading to this decision was the 50% occupancy requirement and the understanding that usage of the pool is typically below this amount.  This in conjunction with consultation with our attorney, the reservation system and the homeowner’s active participation in complying with the EO will allow Crown Ridge to be in compliance. 
Below is the contact information for the Board (also posted on the Crown Ridge website
Mark Pope
(972) 880-7898
Shirley Forbes
Chad Bowers
Crown Ridge HOA Board
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